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Since October 2011, a campaign to tell the FDA to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food reached 1,000,000 signatures, and had supporters from every state. This was the largest amount of comments on a food petition submitted to the FDA. In addition, only 4% of Americans oppose labeling GMOs preventing them from having a healthy diet.

GMOs present significant health risks to the public. Plants genetically modified to resist pests, some even laced with herbicides and insecticides, may have significant long-term consequences for maintaining the biodiversity essential to maintaining our fragile global ecosystem, and may also disrupt our personal bodies through yet unknown long-term health consequences.

While more than 40 countries mandate labeling GMOs, why is the United States reluctant to join the ranks? In Europe, individual nations are free to ban GM crops, even if they are deemed safe and approved. An important concern in genetically crops is preventing cross-pollination with organic, non-GM crops in order to preserve the diversity and integrity of organic agriculture.

Ireland banned the growth of GMOs. Japan banned GMOs altogether. France has GMO-free labeling. Egypt banned GMO import and export. While many countries seek to label GMOs or ban them in some form or altogether, other less wealthy nations are caving to the financial pressure of the United States agricultural behemoths. GMO sorghum was approved for use in Africa with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Dupont. The effects of introducing a GM sorghum crop are yet known, but may have profound impacts on this important crop in African arid agriculture.

For these reasons and countless others, it is crucial to inform consumers of whether their food contains GMOs. While other countries take steps to actively ban GM crops, the Big Agriculture in the US still prioritizes profit over people, and is content to use their fat wallets to sway the FDA. It’s time we stop letting big business destroy our precious plant diversity. Choose organic produce, as GMOs are not allowed to be included in products labeled organic in the United States. All Fresh N Lean ingredients are sourced from the finest non-GMO, organic ingredients.

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