Reduce Fat through Fruits and Vegetable

When you ask someone give samples of healthy foods, they would surely respond with fruits and vegetable. Well it is true, fruits and vegetables are healthy, but what kind of fruits and vegetable should we really eat.

Foods are really needed by our body. We need food for us to have energy, to perform our day to day lives. A healthy diet is a good way to live our lives to lessen the effects of illnesses and environmental factors that may harm us. However, excessive intake of unhealthy foods increases the risks of developing fatal illnesses; this can also lead to increase blood sugar level that results into fat deposits.So to help us control fat we must try to eat healthy foods. Again, healthy foods are mainly comprised of fruits and vegetables. There are fruits that can largely help us lose the fat deposits we already have. This article will help you what fruits and vegetable you can eat.

Apples and grapes

Apples and grapes are one of the healthiest fruits that you should eat daily. Apples are great to release toxins in the body that’s why doctor’s said, an apple a day keep us away. You must remember however that excessive intake of apple per day is bad for health. You should only eat at least 1-2 apples a day because apples are known to decrease peristalsis and hardens stool. Grapes meanwhile helps us to excrete toxins and excessive liquid better. It helps in making our liver and kidneys work properly. If these organs work properly, excessive sugar in the blood is reduced.

Orange, Pineapple and citrus fruits

Orange and other citrus fruits are high on vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for your health because it fights off viruses and diseases and it strengthens the immune system. Oranges and pineapple are high on fiber and this helps increase your peristalsis and helps you in excreting daily intake. Increased peristalsis also means increased metabolism. If our metabolism rate is increased, more fat is burned.


Bananas are high in Potassium. Your body needs potassium for your muscles. It decreases muscle fatigue and cramps. If you have healthy muscles, you won’t experience cramps or muscle pains during exercise sessions.

Vegetables are also healthy and eating it can help you in reducing fats. Eating vegetables has usually no negative effects. Vegetables are high in fiber and help you increase peristalsis and metabolism rate. For people who have plans to lose weight, eat potatoes during lunch. French fries are not advisable though, lol. Potatoes can be steamed or boiled. Add a little salt but don’t fool yourself by adding gravy, etc.

Eating fruits and vegetables does not only help you lose fat and weight but it can be a good and healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer and other diseases.

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