Organic Diet Why And How to Avoid MSG

Organic Diet Why And How to Avoid MSG

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A healthy diet is so important! Find out how and Why you should avoid MSG by the experts at Fresh N Lean A leading health food doorstep delivery service Fresh diet meal service. Read on in this blog about Organic Diets – Why and How To Avoid MSG. Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, the world most widely used flavor enhancer. It is an additive commonly found in processed foods including chips, crackers, breakfast cereals, desserts, and more, and is widely used in fast food and some Chinese food to enhance flavor. It can even be found in some infant and baby products. 

MSG has been linked to headaches, weakness, redness in the face, dis-regulation of appetite, insulin resistance, nausea and other short- and long-term side effects. A study in mice showed links between obesity and MSG intake.

MSG is not present in whole foods the best way to avoid intake is to choose only fresh, organic plant-based foods and to carefully read nutrition labels on packaged foods to ensure it  included. If eating packaged items, be sure to check that a yeast extract is not  listed on labels, as that may indicate the presence of unlabeled MSG.

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