The typical saying right at the beginning of the year is to get eat better and lose weight as your New Year’s resolution.  We are a couple weeks away from ending 2014 and starting 2015 so why are you waiting to start your resolution early?  Whether you are thinking you want to eat healthier or you want to  lose weight, the trick is not to wait!  It’s time to start your new program and stay consistent with your plan.  Remember, starting right now gets you closer to your goal faster.

We understand that you have a busy schedule and there’s a long list of reasons how difficult it is to eat healthy and you have a budget. has the solution for you and your family.  We provide organic, gluten-free, healthy, plant-based meals.  All you have to do is heat up your meal and it is ready to eat.  You will save time and rest assure that you are eating our healthy, nutrient-rich meals.  Our delicious meals are never frozen and are cooked fresh in our kitchen with fresh ingredients.  Check out our weekly menu to get an idea of what dishes we have to offer :

If you are looking for specific dishes we have launched our new A La Carte menu where you can pick the exact dishes you want to eat!  It’s that simple.

Fresh n’ Lean has breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees such as cinnamon date oatmeal and apple granola crumble to weekly pasta dishes and lentils.  The menu is changes on a weekly basis and we cook with seasonal ingredients so everything is fresh.  Eat our healthy meals as a great start to your New Year’s Resolution.

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