Targeting Weight Loss? A Vegan Diet May Do the Trick

With excess weight comes a whole host of health problems. That extra padding is the result of a calorie-heavy diet high on filler and low on nutrition. A vegan diet – especially one where the calorie intake is tracked and limited – can not only lead to sustaining weight loss, but enables and encourages an overall healthy relationship with food.

The science-friendly – yet often ignored – idea that you lose weight when calories consumed is less than calories expended, is right on the mark. Practicing a vegan diet is not a silver bullet, but when combined with a vigilant eye toward calorie consumption and an active lifestyle, it’s a means of losing weight in a sensible manner, while doing good for your body as a whole.

Some have viewed this idea with skepticism, but meta studies (that evaluate and aggregate the finding of many other studies) continue to show that in similar conditions, vegetarian and vegan eaters will lose more weight than their non-vegetarian counterparts.

And critically, it doesn’t require the nutritional sacrifices that other diets sometimes do.

Dieters will try any fad that promises to shed pounds and still deliver the overall nutrient balance that our bodies need for daily energy, strong bones and organs, and for keeping sickness at bay. These “craze” diets seem to storm into our media through sensational headlines, backed by big-name endorsements, and a lot of anecdotal evidence that it’s the next big thing – and this time it really works!

But invariably, those seeking the quick fix find themselves disappointed that the results couldn’t be maintained, or that there were deficiencies in other aspects of their health. It’s true that any diet – whether it involves a 100% plant-based foods or not – should be approached with a larger consideration of how diet plays a role in a healthy life.

Part of the way veganism accomplished this stems from the fact that using natural ingredients – those that lack artificial preservatives and other filler – is an energy-dense means of delivering vitamins and minerals. This means your nutrient requirements are reached in fewer calories. And with nuts, beans or soy for protein, it adds up to a holistic and fulfilling diet that can be sustained over the long-term.

When this kind of balanced, sensible eating is integrated into a routine that includes exercise and regular activity, weight loss will follow.

Managing calories, unfortunately, is a major showstopper for many. Even if there is a commitment to natural foods, and even if the entirety of your diet is considered vegan-friendly, you’re susceptible to weight stagnation or even gain. That’s simply because a daily intake of twenty-two hundred calories of the healthiest food possible, coupled with just two thousand calories burned, is a recipe for adding pounds, not losing them.

That’s why if you’re serious about losing weight with a vegan diet, you’ll need a plan.

A means of measuring those calories going in will let you get control over which direction your weight goes. Fresh n’ Lean’s vegan meal delivery service handles that aspect for you – with options for a single entree, a lunch and an entree, or all three meals a day – you’re informed with how many calories are headed your way. This is a powerful tool.

At the same time, you can have a sense of peace that the calories aren’t “empty” – far from it.

The goal of weight loss is an attainable one – unfortunately, this is sometimes through severe lifestyle changes that people just can’t commit to, or that the body ultimately rejects because it lacks balance and moderation. But with careful attention to the numbers behind net calorie consumption, a vegan diet can be the secret weapon in your arsenal that leaves you slimmer and healthier in a wholesome, sustainable way.


The Guardian