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This Week’s Sample Menu

Pesto Pasta Salad

Curry Rice with Yams

Harissa Garlic Yams

Bell Peppers and Zucchini

Red Cabbage with Broccoli and Carrots

Black Eyed Peas with Broccoli and Potato

Mushroom Greens with Sweet Potato

Basil Broccoli with Bell Peppers

Ranchero Black Bean Vegetables

Chocolate Swirl Loaf

Chocolate Muffins

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Fresh chef-prepared meals

Los Angeles Vegan Meal Delivery

Having trouble finding prepared vegan meal delivery in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered! Fresh n’ Lean is an all-organic, ready-to-eat meal delivery service offering a variety of freshly made plant-based meals to support a healthy lifestyle as you kick it in Malibu, crush it at work in Downtown LA, or explore Koreatown.

LA vegan meal plans

With free shipping available, you can get your pre-portioned meal plan delivered to your home in Echo Park or your Hollywood office. Our flexible meal subscription allows you to tailor it to fit your needs whether you want to order a la carte or sign up for a meal plan. Wherever you are in LA, fast meal delivery is available to you.

Chef-prepared, tasty meals

Our chef-prepared meals take inspiration from your favorite global cuisines. They’re packed with nutrient-rich goodness to help fuel you as you go about your day. Sure, LA has a bit of everything. But there’s nothing like having high-quality, nutritious food delivered to your door straight from our USDA-certified kitchen facility. It definitely beats jumping in your car during rush hour when you forget to go grocery shopping!

Food that fits your lifestyle

Finding time to go grocery shopping or do meal prep is tricky in between demands at work, your 10 am yoga class and making time for friends. To make life easier, we offer a customizable vegan meal plan that arrives fresh and ready-to-eat. The dietitian-approved menus all have balanced macros, so say goodbye to struggling with the calculations.

Local, fresh, in-season

Every ingredient in our fresh vegan meals and snacks is locally-grown. Only non-GMO, whole foods and sustainably-sourced ingredients make the cut. By sticking to local, in-season ingredients, we support local farmers while reducing the impact on the environment.

Vegan Meal Delivery in Los Angeles

Environmentally conscious eating

Not only do we source our ingredients from organic and sustainable sources, but our state-of-the-art packaging is designed to reduce waste. Almost all of the packaging is recyclable. Oh, and those microwavable meal trays? They’re made from BPA-free plastic.

Life free-from

We’re all about high-quality and offering what’s best for you. That’s why our meals are always non-GMO, free-from antibiotics and hormones, gluten and dairy-free, and made without preservatives. Great food, quality ingredients.

Variety is the spice of life

Our chefs are always busy in our kitchen facility working on exciting new plant-powered flavors to send your way. To keep things fresh, we have a new vegan menu every week which you can customize to your preferences. That’s right. You have total control over what you eat. And it’s a more affordable, healthier option than hitting up restaurants several times a week to satisfy your food cravings.

More than meals

In addition to our plant-based meal plans, we also have an ever-expanding line of snacks and bulk sides to keep hunger at bay while staying true to your dietary goals. Throw them in your bag the next time you’re day-tripping to Santa Monica for a little surf and sand.

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