Interview with Sonia Osborne, Certified Food and Nutrition Coach

Sonia Osborne is a long-standing nutrition coach and educator who works with individuals and corporations across the globe to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health.

SoniaWe had the pleasure of interviewing Sonia Osborne! Sonia Osborne is based in Singapore and is long-standing nutrition coach and educator. She works with individuals and corporations across the globe to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.

“Health” is Sonia’s profession, past-time and passion. You only have to speak to her for a few minutes to know she lives by everything she is devoted to teaching. Sonia’s is learned in her field and gifted with a unique ability to connect with people.

Sonia enables people to see-through fad diets and achieve wellness as a lifestyle. Her unique personalised programs continue to provide many people with the life giving habits that we all strive for.

1. For those of us who don’t know you, please introduce yourself. What are you passionate about and committed to?

I love what I do. Through the learnings of my own wellness challenges, I am a devoted nutrition coach and educator. I am passionate and committed to motivating all on my path as to the importance of embracing ‘all things natural’ and prioritising wellness.

The health of the planet is in great need of support and guidance. I have realized the need to specialize in bio-individual nutrition because from experience, no single approach works for everyone. I customize plans so that clients can stop googling and feeling confused and defeated.

“Progress not perfection” is my mantra. Slowly, through progressive changes I can help people to enjoy lifelong wellness.

2. What has been your greatest professional success and biggest setback?

I know that I have been put on this planet to help people. I live and breathe what I do. The fact that I am living to my purpose is my success. In turn, i’ve learned not to see any event as a set-back. I try to always see the blessing or learning in all experiences (no matter how challenging that can be at times!).

3. Who have been the biggest inspirations for your career and why?

My kids. It breaks my heart that the children of today are already on track to live 10 years less than their parents. We need to make change and I help families do this.

4. From a nutrition perspective, what do you think of organic foods vs. genetically-modified foods?

I am a purist. There is no comparison. The human body is designed to eat as nature intended. Humans can make mistakes (GM is one) but nature always gets it right.

We never just wake up 10kg overweight, or with cancer, diabetes or depression. It is what we do every day that counts. Organic builds long-term health platform.

5. How would you create a menu for a vegetarian on a high protein high-calorie diet who doesn’t consume dairy products?

I insist that all of my vegetarian clients be ‘committed’. Vegetarians require broad-spectrum nutrition to achieve a balanced diet and avoid depletion (especially if they don’t eat eggs). I am not a huge fan of dairy so my programs are usually dairy-free.

To ensure sufficient ‘complete’ proteins (i.e. all the amino acids that are in animal products) vegetarians must combine every meal using whole grains, nuts/seeds, legumes and fruit/veg e.g. brown rice + almonds + chickpeas + spinach. Each of these individual components supply 1-3 of the proteins required, so you need to eat all of them.

Superfoods also become powerful tools in my vegetarian meal plans, including nutritional yeast, molasses, seaweeds etc.

6. What kind of diet would prescribe for a patient looking to lose weight?

I believe in a bio-individual nutrition so I would have to assess why they are overweight. The answer is different for everyone. Regardless ‘clean eating’ is always the first step and work to eliminate processed simple carbohydrates. Real food is vital and ‘home cooked’ always wins.

7. What kind of diet would you prescribe to a patient fighting Diabetes?

Again, individual assessment is required and clean eating necessary. Reducing inflammation through a ‘low inflammatory whole foods diet’ which also ensures stable blood sugars levels with lots of quality protein, essential fats and vegetables.

8. What is a common nutrition myth that you can dispel?

Saturated fats are a villain to be avoided. The cholesterol myth needs to be debunked. Processed simple carbohydrates and vegetables oils and largely driving our health issues.

9. What is your favorite go-to healthy weeknight dinner?

Baked fish with herbed cauliflower rice fresh herbs and lemon. Less is more. Quality ingredients always speak for themselves. I empower clients with quick and easy recipes that taste great.

10. What are some future ventures you are currently working on?

I am on again-off again with writing my book. Time is of the essence..  hopefully, 2016 will see its’ birth.

m: +65 9837 4844

e: [email protected]


  • Certified Food and Nutrition Coach, Australian Food Coaching Institute
  • Certified Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer, Donna Aston Academy
  • Holistic Nutrition, Nature Care College
  • Food and Spirit Practitioner
  • Australian Centre for Obesity Management Team, Monash University and The Alfred Hospital
  • Senior food and product development (major manufacturers)
  • Bachelor of Business Marketing