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It would be great if every restaurant had options specifically for people on a vegan diet but that’s not how things are today. So the questions is: How do you order food at a restaurant that does not cater to people on a vegan diet, as well as a few tips on what questions you should be asking your Waiter.

1. Look For Easy To Veganize Options

Take a look at the menu. Does anything look like it might be vegan? If not, pick a dish that could be made vegan with a few adjustments.

2. How Do You Cook Your Veggies?

The restaurant might prepare the vegetables with butter or something that contains dairy. Be sure you ask the waiter to cook your vegetables plain.

3. Construct Your Own Meal

Ordering a salad with a bake potato for example can be ordered at almost any restaurant.

4. Can I Substitute And Have Avocado Instead?

Avocados are a perfect replacement to add to your salad, sweet potatoes, or serves as a yummy addition to sandwiches. If you don’t see avocado on the the menu, just ask! Most restaurants carry it if they make guacamole.

5. Does The Sauce Contain Fish Or Other Animal Ingredients?

Many sauces that come on top of menu items contain dairy (since sadly, most everything does) but other sauces might include fish, meat, or eggs. Many Asian restaurants use fish sauce in dishes, even veggie dishes. Be sure you ask and if you’re not sure and the waiter can’t tell you, it’s probably best to just leave off the sauce and opt for the menu item without it. When in doubt, go for salsa as a yummy topping. Even if it’s not on the menu, most places carry it and will be happy to serve it to you. I personally love it as a salad dressing.

Here are some examples of vegan dishes that can be prepared at restaurants specializing in international cuisine.

Vegetable curry, samosas, pakoras, dhal and papadums
Specify no butter or ghee (traditional Indian clarified butter)


Vegetable sushi rolls (cucumber, avocado, tofu, etc.), inari, wakame salad, miso soup (without bonito fish flakes), vegetable tempura, and edamame
Specify no fish sauce,
roe (fish eggs), and no egg in tempura batter


Pad Thai without egg and shrimp, coconut curry, rice wraps, and sticky rice with mango
Specify no fish or oyster sauce

Stir fried vegetables, noodle dishes, fried tofu, and vegetable soups
Specify no meat or fish in the sauces and stock

Pasta with tomato sauce or pizza without cheese
Specify no egg in the pasta

Middle Eastern
Falafel, couscous, and tabbouleh salad
Specify no dairy or yogurt sauce

Injera bread with bean and vegetable toppings
Specify no meat or egg

Bean burritos, fajitas, and corn chips & salsa
Specify no cheese, beans cooked with meat, guacamole made with sour cream, or tortillas made with animal products

Almost Any Restaurant
Salad without meat or cheese, sandwich with vegetables, soup with vegetable stock, and vegetables and rice (not cooked with meat stock)

If you’re vegan and eat out at restaurants, what tip do you have for playing it safe?



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