How Small Habits Can Help You Go Vegan

How Small Habits Can Help You Go Vegan

For many people who are trying to adopt a vegan diet, it feels like a huge, daunting lifestyle change. What if there was a way to make little, tiny daily modifications to your routine that could make “going vegan” seem almost effortless?

Stanford psychologist, B.J. Fogg, studies behavioral change and his expertise includes creating

New habits and making them stick. He created a program called “The Fogg Method,” which is an easy, 3-step system to help cultivate new behaviors. He emphasizes on little, tiny habits that, over time, build up into a lasting change. The process can apply to any kind of habit, whether it’s flossing your teeth or managing your money. However, I feel like it’s a really good fit for attempting to adopt a vegan diet.

Using “The Fogg Method” To Adopt a Vegan Diet

Vegan Dish

Step 1: Start Small

If your aim is to become vegan, break it down into the tiniest behavioral unit. Do not try to change your entire diet overnight. If you are presently a big-time meat-eater, switching to a plant-based diet is not going to be a small lifestyle change. Instead, you could start by eating more veggies. (Maybe try adding a tasty, nutrient-rich, green smoothie to one meal each day)

Step 2: Ease is Everything

Simplicity is an essential part of creating a new habit. If you decide to add a green smoothie, you want to make the process as easy and convenient as you can for yourself. You should have all of the veggies prepared, proportioned, and ready for blending. That way, all you’ll have to do is grab them out of the fridge and toss them in your blender. If this happens to be a little too much for you to start with, you can always buy bottled green smoothies from the grocery store while doing your regular food shopping, and drink one every day with a meal.

Step 3: Integrate Seamlessly

B.J. Fogg also suggests associating any new habit to an already-existing behavior. For example, say your present routine is brewing a pot of coffee each morning. Maybe decide to make your smoothie while your coffee is brewing. This is a way of making your present behavior become a trigger for the new habit. It makes it feel easier because you are integrating the new habit into your preexisting flow of things. This way, you’ll hardly even have to think about doing it. With enough practice, you’ll see that the habit of making your green smoothie will become automatic.

Before you know it, you’ll be drinking green smoothies every single day, and probably looking great as well.  Once you have put all of these habits in place, you will not only notice the positive outcomes, you will also realize how easy it can be to incorporate even more good habits.

Remember your Accomplishments

It’s vitally important that you remind yourself of every accomplishment along the way, regardless of how small they may seem to be, as this will be the key to your overall success.

Recognizing that you are building solid habits will, in turn, build up your confidence and lead to even more success. Maybe you’ll even start doing a “Meatless Monday,” or eating tofu instead of meat at one of your favorite restaurants. (Remember, one small habit at a time)

In order to form good habits that will also build upon each other, always start with little changes and follow them up with little wins. This will help you unleash your inner power to move towards adopting your vegan diet and ultimately transforming you overall health.


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