How Do You Know if You’re Allergic to Gluten?

How Do You know if you are allergic to gluten

These days, people are being made aware of the symptoms of a gluten allergy. However, there are still a lot of people out there who have a gluten allergy and are not aware of it. How do you know if you’re allergic to gluten? There are a number of different ways to tell. Knowing what the signs and symptoms of a gluten allergy are can ultimately help you determine whether or not you have one.

Gluten is a product that is found in wheat as well as in certain kinds of flours. Many people who have gluten allergies may not realize it, as the symptoms can be similar to those of other medical conditions. So how do you know if you’re allergic to gluten? Read on if you would like to find out the answer to this very important question. You never know, it could possibly change your life for the better.

How Do You Know if You’re Allergic to Gluten? Signs and Symptoms of a Gluten Allergy 

It has not yet been determined as to what exactly causes gluten allergies, but how do you know if you’re allergic to gluten? Dysfunctional digestion is one of the symptoms of a gluten allergy.

This can be constipation, diarrhea, reflux or abdominal pain, and these symptoms often occur whenever you are suffering from one of the two types of gluten allergies that happen to be the most common. They are non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.

How do you know if you’re allergic to gluten? If you are currently experiencing chronic dandruff from seborrheic dermatitis—which is actually a form of eczema—it has been linked to an allergy to wheat. Wheat allergies are a form of gluten allergies.

One of the most miserably itchy skin rashes you can get is one called dermatitis herpetiformis or for short, “DH.” This is another form of an allergy to gluten and it occurs conjunctively with celiac disease. Individuals may scratch until their skin is raw due to the extreme itchiness of the red bumpy rash.

More Signs That You May Be Suffering From a Gluten Allergy

How do you know if you’re allergic to gluten? Brain fogginess is one of the top symptoms of three types of gluten allergies. It can consist of:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Short-term memory lapses
  • Loss of your train of thought while conversing or writing
  • Sometimes becoming confused and/or disoriented

Chronic, pounding headaches can also be symptoms of an allergy to gluten. Some gluten allergy sufferers even get migraine headaches that are triggered by the consumption of gluten.

People with gluten allergies can have a permanent pins and needles feeling in their feet, legs and arms. This is called peripheral neuropathy, which is nerve damage occurring in your periphery, limbs and/or extremities.

How do you know if you’re allergic to gluten? Attention deficits, depression, irritability and anxiety are also symptoms of gluten allergies. Individuals who are allergic to gluten often report higher levels of these symptoms than those who aren’t.

Believe it or not, infertility in men or trouble conceiving in women can be caused by an allergy to gluten. If this is the case switching to a gluten-free diet can help you conceive.

Of course these symptoms can also be caused by other medical conditions, but if you have ruled other possibilities out, it is likely you may have a gluten allergy. If so, opting for a gluten-free free diet will improve and/or eliminate many of these symptoms.


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