Healthy Diet | How To Stay Motivated To Become A Vegan

Healthy Diet | How To Stay Motivated To Become A Vegan

Fresh N Lean knows that if you plan to transition to a vegan diet it isn’t always easy to stick to your decision. Becoming motivated to change your lifestyle is HUGE!!! and most huge changes need a little motivation, so read Fresh N Lean’s tips on getting motivated to eat meatless!

  1. Go to PETA's website and go to the TV section. watch videos on animal cruelty, and the video Meet your meat. These videos are horrifying, and are a great way to motivate yourself.

  2. The horror alone from watching animals suffer, and being skinned alive will surely want you to never want to eat meat again or wear anything made from any animal ever again.

  3. When going out to eat, or raiding your kitchen, think about what you are eating. If you ever get a craving for animal products, or meat STOP! Remember the horror of the PETA website! If you must, find the nearest computer and watch the videos!

  4. Get yourself a pet from an animal shelter, and take VERY good care of it. Keep it as a reminder of the fact that animals are "who's" not "things". As time passes you will realize that your (example) hamster gets hurt if you drop it, so imagine what a pig must feel like being killed while conscious and suffering till it dies for the sake of food.

  5. If you are a shy person, instead of protesting with signs and chanting, on the PETA website, you can write letters to companies involved in animal cruelty

  6. Write notes to yourself pledging yourself to reach goals with not eating meat/animal products.

  7. Go to the grocery store, and instead of buying tomato sauce containing meat, go to the fresh veggies section, and buy some tomatoes! not only will fresh sauce taste amazing, but then you will open the doors to the abilities to making your own food!!! (plus, if you grow your own, its CHEAP!!! 1000s of dollars saved every year on food, and animal slaughter!!!

  8. Finally, when you are eating almost completely vegan, write down everything good you eat! You can motivate yourself immensely when you feel good about yourself!

If in the event a busy schedule causes you to slip back into bad eating habits, contact us (888) 420-4080 for info on how Fresh N Lean has been inspiring and helping people stay on track. 


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