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A healthy diet is more important than ever. A new study authored by Harvard University researchers and physicians recently published in Archives of Internal Medicine finds a strong association between red meat, cancer and heart disease and overall mortality risk. Data from two studies conducted from 1980 to 2006 showed that eating more red meat (authors measured each daily increase of 3 oz of red meat) was linked to a 12 percent greater risk of mortality, 16 percent higher risk of cardiovascular death and 10 percent greater risk of cancer mortality. These findings controlled for a healthy diet, exercise, smoking, and other risk factors. Fast food meats and other processed meat like bacon and frozen meat entrees increased risks at an even higher rate, 20 percent overall, and 21 percent for heart disease, 16 percent for cancer.

The lead author of the study, Harvard professor of medicine Dr. Frank B. Hu, suggested that the numbers indicate a very strong link between red meat consumption and mortality. ┬áThe study associates “substitution of other healthy protein sources” with a lower mortality risk. This substitution can be easily achieved on an organic, varied plant-strong diet.

The negative health ramifications of meat consumption are emerging in scientific literature and public health crisis Fresh N’ Lean provides delicious, nutritious, entirely meat-free organic plant-based cuisine. To learn more about our delivery options, please call: 1-888-420-4080.


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