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April is National Emotional Overeating Awareness month. If you’re still struggling with this and trying to stick to a healthy diet here listed are a few triggers that may be causing these behaviors, and tips to help curb thoughtless overindulgence.

Because it’s there

When food is in plain sight it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet. It’s convenient to grab something unhealthy and settle for fast junk foods. Take a second and be mindful. Ask yourself if you are truly hungry at that moment.

You skip breakfast

It can be difficult to fit a healthy meal plan into the typical morning rush, but breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. You can even actually gain weight from skipping breakfast.

You’re emotional

In reality choices that you regret are unhealthy ones especially when not thinking rationally. Often we indulging at a celebration because we are happy or eat a whole pint of ice cream because we are sad. Again, be mindful if you are hungry at that moment.

You’re bored

If you know the bedroom is a trigger to lay back and snack be more active and create list of things you can do if bored. Generally make a list of activities that involve your hands. Or snack of celery, carrots, and other healthy plant base snacks.

Lack of Sleep

Research done by scientist note, people who sleep two to four hours a night are 73 percent more likely to be obese than those who get  seven to nine. Inadequate sleep, will case a change in hormones that deprive our body from nutrients and not satisfied after eating. If you try to get in a bit of exercise every day you’ll improve the quality of sleep and make you feel more rested.

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