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The dangers of GMO fresh-n-lean

Americas growing concern about the food industries, neglect to provide healthy diet foods is rising. In 2010, Obama appointed a former Monsanto representative as the US Agricultural Trade Representative. Appointing individuals with a vested economic interest in the success of genetically modified seeds contaminate the USDA’s ability to make partial decisions on behalf of the welfare of the United States’ citizens consuming a healthy diet.

Currently, Monsanto elite sit on the board of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), the main research department of the USDA. The ties between Monsanto, a for-profit corporation, and the USDA, a body created to protect and serve Americans, are deeply troubling and cause for concern. In May 2012, it was discovered that when Monsanto was found to have planted GMO alfalfa before receiving USDA approval, the USDA was aware of this illegal activity and ignored it.

Recent increases in genetically modified insecticide-laced corn has had huge implications for bees.

Just as humans have a delicate gut flora balance. This can destroy immune systems and has been linked to dwindling bee populations.

Given what we know about genetically modified corn and its impact on bees, why is it still happening? The answer, sadly, is in USDA corruption. In 2008, the USDA’s Federal Crop Insurance Board of Directors lowered insurance rates for growers who planted genetically-modified GT corn. Many corn farmers now claim they cannot afford to plant non-GMO corn and stay solvent.

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