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Stanford University School of Medicine professor and geneticist Michael Snyder was the lead author and subject of a recent study on genomics published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Cell, which analyzed his disease risk predicted from analysis of a personal genetic information. While his family history did not indicate type II diabetes and Dr. Snyder appeared fit and not at particular risk for the disease, his genetic analysis did indicate a very high risk.

During the study, it was discovered that he did indeed develop type II diabetes. With such early detection, Dr. Snyder was able to change his lifestyle by cutting out refined sugars and changing his diet to more plant-based and adding an exercise regimen His glucose levels returned to normal and he did not have to take medication With the costs of genetic testing still high– it now costs approximately $4,000 to get this analysis–experts suggest that within a year  the cost will likely go down to $1,000 or less. For now, genomic medicine is not the most accessible option for everyone concerned about discovering or preventing disease. By choosing a lifestyle including the freshest, organic plant foods and exercise, it is possible to help prevent and manage lifestyle-related diseases. Fresh N Lean offers meal plans specifically with high nutrition value and delicious taste. To learn more or to place an order, please call: 1-888-420-4080.


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