Healthy Diet | Gut Bacteria A Key Component to Health

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Maintaining a healthy diet and adequate levels of beneficial bacteria is one of the most important yet routinely overlooked components to a healthy lifestyle. If we get too little bacteria, we risk allergies and a compromised immune system. Our bodies need healthy flora (bacteria) to ward off disease, and also to help us maintain healthy weights. The healthy bacteria in our guts breaks down elements of our food, aiding in the digestion process.

In addition to positive immune and weight control benefits of a healthy diet and
bacteria may help reduce stress. Recent studies have shown that mice
given healthy bacteria are able to better deal with stress, and that
the bugs in our gut may profoundly affect our emotional state.

Great sources of healthy bacteria in our diet can include raw
sauerkraut and other fermented foods, coconut kefir, active
culture-containing plant-based yogurt, and other fermented foods.
Probiotic supplements are also available. Eating a lower-glycemic diet
may also help keep up levels of healthy bacteria, as unhealthy
bacteria in our guts tends to feed on sugar.

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