Healthy Diet | Fruit and Vegetables: An Overview

The Power of Vegetables

organic- veggies healthy diet freshnleanVegetables contain most of the vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and antioxidants the human body needs to function at its best.

Numerous studies have shown that those who eat all or mostly vegetables have better quality of life, less risk of disease, and longer longevity.

Rest assured, I’m not trying to persuade you to become a vegan because even meat eaters who eat predominately vegetables can still reap these benefits.Here’s a quick recap of just some of the research behind this notion.


Fruit and Vegetables and Health: An Overview

“A growing body of evidences suggests that the regular consumption of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables (FAV) reduces the risk of chronic human illnesses and increase lifespan and quality of life.“

Fruit, vegetables, and cancer prevention: A review of the epidemiological evidence.

“Persons with low fruit and vegetable intake (at least the lower one‐fourth of the population) experience about twice the risk of cancer compared with those with high intake“

Fruit and vegetable consumption and mortality from all causes

“This meta-analysis provides further evidence that a higher consumption of fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of all cause mortality, particularly cardiovascular mortality.“


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