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Think your eating a healthy diet because our choosing a free range meat? Animal products labeled “free-range,” “grass-fed,” and/or “organic” are establishing a growing presence in the food marketplace. Wanting to abstain from harming the environment, and extend better conditions to animals, unwitting consumers are made to believe that they are supporting a better, more humane┬ásystem. The sad reality is that free-range animal products come from sources that are far from idyllic.

It may surprise consumers to learn that environmental impact of
free-range, organic meat farms is worse than on conventional factory
farms. All meat production in the United States depletes the
environment, as animal agriculture draws far more resources per capita
than sustainable, organic plant-based agriculture, but the dirty
secret on so-called “free-range” farms is that they’re actually
oftentimes worse for the environment.

Grass-fed cows produce greater amounts of ozone-depleting methane.
Research studies have concluded that cows raised on these so-called
organic, free-range, grass-fed farms have a much greater carbon
footprint, and that eating vegetarian and vegan is far better from a
carbon standpoint. (Source:

Free-range animals are often more prone to diseases, such as porcine
cysticercosis, a tapeworm that is reportedly more commonly contracted
by pigs on local free-range farms. (Source:

Backyard chicken raising has gained popularity in some “locavore”
circles–but did you know that these chickens are at a much higher
rate for contracting salmonella, a disease that can be fatal if passed
to humans?

The United States government has a highly limited ability to recall
tainted meat products. While dangerous children’s products or toys are
quickly yanked off the markets by government watchdogs, meat recalls
are largely voluntary in this country.
A recent case of Mad Cow Disease reported in a dairy cow in confirms that our nation’s animal agriculture system has
become as unsafe as it is unethical for human- and non-human animals.

Fortunately, there are easy solutions to sidestep this broken system.
By choosing to eat organic, plant-source only foods, we are able to
receive all of our essential nutrients (except B-12, which can be
supplemented). Fresh N Lean meals are prepared fresh to deliver
directly to your home using the finest, most nutritious organic
plant-source only ingredients. Our gourmet express cuisine eliminates
the danger of meat and dairy recalls, saves you time and energy, and
preserves your personal health and the health of our planet. For more
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