Health Benefits of Weight Training On Vegan Diet

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In addition to  fresh diet healthy benefits of weight training On vegan  diet to a healthful plant-based whole foods diet, weight training is a very powerful way to maintain overall health and prevent disease. By lifting weights and doing weight resistance training to build muscle tone, the body becomes more efficient at burning calories and naturally becomes leaner and stronger. The clean fuel you get from a fresh diet will increase your bodies energy. Isometric resistance (such as doing push-ups or certain kinds of yoga) and isotonic strength training (such as lifting barbells or using weight machines) should be done every other day in order to give the body adequate time to recover. (Cardio may be done on off-days from strength training).

Studies have shown that weight training may help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis pain. It can boost energy and works as a natural anti-depressant, improves sleep, and, of course, metabolism. It also promotes weight loss and maintenance, reduces the risk of Type II diabetes, insomnia, and heart disease.While many women fear weight training will create bulkiness, vegan fitness experts like Amanda Wheeler and actress/dancer Tonya Kay show that it is very possible to achieve a very strong, lean physique while regularly weight-training on an entirely vegan dietBrendan Brazier, Robert Cheeke and other vegan athletes use supplements such as hemp and other plant-sourced protein powders to help fuel their workouts. Other great post-workout options include Fresh N’ Lean meal favorites such as chia porridge, legume-rich dishes like lentils and garbanzo-filled salads.

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