Health Benefits Of Fresh N Lean Specialty Spices and Ingredients

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Here at Fresh N Lean, our food is always prepared fresh and with the finest healthful, organic plant-sourced ingredients. Our chefs exclusively prepare meals using produce that is non-GMO and nutrient dense, which you can taste in every delicious bite. In addition to the vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds used to create our signature dishes, we also use spices and some special ingredients that are specifically chosen for their high nutrition properties and health benefits. Below, learn about the health benefits spices and special ingredients we use here at Fresh N Lean:


Garlic – Many food cultures use garlic, and for good reason. Scientific studies have linked it to lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke risk and increase immunity. It has even been correlated to reduced risk of cancer.

Turmeric – A natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric contains curcumin, which helps reduce pain, and may potentially reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease and certain forms of cancer.

Basil – An herb that helps reduce stress, basil is a delicious way to reduce adrenaline response in the body.

Cilantro – This herb may help reduce toxic heavy metals from the body, and may improve digestive health. It also contains powerful anti-inflamatory and anti-nausea qualities. It contains iron and magnesium, and may help fight anemia.

Ginger – This root helps reduce stomach upset and nausea, and may help reduce blood pressure, reduce pain and prevent cancer through its high antioxidant content.

Sea Vegetables – High in protein, minerals and essential nutrient Iodine, sea vegetables contain nutrition to help heal and restore the body to its optimal function.

Cinnamon – This spice has been linked to heart-healthy cholesterol-lowering properties, and studies suggest it may help in improving blood sugar regulation in diabetics.

Fennel – This herb helps reduce gas, and contains natural digestive aids. It is a great source of vitamin C, and may help immune function.

Rosemary – This herb has been linked to potentially reducing risk of certain cancers and contains powerful healing antioxidants.

Other Ingredients:

Chia Seeds – Chia seeds contain powerful plant-sourced Omegas, which are important for brain health and neurological function. They are nutrient but not calorically dense, so they are ideal for long-lasting energy and weight loss and weight control. Chia seeds are also very suitable for diabetics.

Quinoa – This protein-packed which is high in amino acids, is a great source of manganese, magnesium, folate and phosphorus, which can help with natural body repair and restoration. It may also prevent and help heal heart conditions.

Kabocha Squash – Excellent sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, and more, kabocha also has unique anti-inflammatory benefits and may  help with blood sugar regulation. It may also help naturally lower cholesterol.

Through delicious combinations of these spices and ingredients, Fresh N Lean meals offer the highest quality, most convenient nutrition for your healthy lifestyle. To learn more about the Fresh N Lean ingredients, visit our FAQs page here: Fresh N Lean FAQ. For additional information or to place an order, contact us at 1-888-420-4080.

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