Gluten-Free Recipes

No matter what your reason is for avoiding gluten, just know that you can still enjoy most of the foods that you loved before. There are fantastic gluten-free recipes that will let you enjoy all of those foods you used to eat.

Back in the day, when you thought of gluten-free, you likely thought of it as a form of punishment.

beef gluten-free pasta

Instead of being a healthy lifestyle choice, it was only known as a new way of eating for those who had gluten intolerance or dealt with Celiac’s disease.

However, today’s models and Instagram influencers are shaking up the status quo, turning gluten-free into the go-to standard of health and new way of living.

The good news is that not all gluten-free recipes are flavorless and off-putting. Whether or not you have gluten intolerance, whipping up delicious gluten-free lunch ideas or gluten-free dinner ideas, can be a cinch in the kitchen! You can still enjoy your former favorite dishes with a few modifications.

If you’re brand new to the gluten-free diet, our team has compiled three must-try gluten-free diet recipes that’ll have you not suffering from a case of pre-GF nostalgia.

Gluten-free Zucchini Pasta

Raise your hand if you live and breathe pasta. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re living out a year-long vacation in Italy?

After a long week of hearing your best friend rant endlessly over brunch, pushing yourself to your limits at SoulCycle and getting the kids out the door in one piece, you might slip into a celebratory mood when Friday night comes. The carbs may start looking a bit more tempting, but instead of ruling out your favorite pasta entirely, opt for a healthier alternative — a gluten-free zucchini pasta that is just as delicious and tasty.

Try adding Rao’s no-sugar-added marinara sauce on top of shredded zucchini along with a pop of lemon for a creamy finish. It tastes just like the real thing!

Gluten-free Frozen Chocolate and Peanut Butter Balls

If you thought it was impossible before, we’ll be the first to tell you that easy gluten-free desserts are a thing. This one’s a no-bake option, so you can skip the heat and radiation. On the upside, you can trick your husband into thinking you’ve picked up baking with this delicious recipe.

Gluten-free frozen chocolate and peanut butter balls will satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings with only a select few ingredients. Great for munching during coffee breaks, or for a healthy post-dinner sweet treat.

After taking the first bite of your newly-frozen chocolate and peanut butter balls, try dipping the inside into flax seed for a boost of fiber content.

Gluten-free Southwest Sweet Potato Chopped Salad

The Southwest does it best! If you’re in need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, try a Southwest chopped salad gluten-free style in between conference calls. It’s refreshing and light, so you won’t leave the office feeling like hitting the hay right afterward, especially when the kids still need picking up and entertaining.

Try sprinkling Trader Joe’s cilantro salad dressing on top for a tangy aftertaste.

Gluten-free meals by Fresh n’ Lean

If staying in with a robe and slippers feels like your calling in life, treat yourself to our convenient gluten-free meal delivery service.

With our plant-based meal prep options, they’re not only gluten-free to assist with better digestive health, but they arrive ready-to-eat! This will ensure that the post-dinner clean-up is quick and easy so that you can hop in bed early to prep for the next day.

Give the gluten-free diet a try before you write it off too soon. You’ll not only be on the right track for a cleaner and light diet but will have a new conversation starter next time someone tries to engage in small talk.

Have you considered going on a gluten-free diet, or are you already on one? Share your favorite gluten-free recipes below in the comments!

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