Gluten-Free Isn’t Just a Fad

People who experience an adverse reaction to gluten may have Celiac disease or non-celiac "gluten sensitivity."

Like any age-old fad, certain trends have their moment and dissipate. Whether it was flared denim jeans or tye dye shirts, your girlfriends may have been seen blowing up these trends out of proportion before borderline turning them into gossip material.

gluten free arugula pizza on wooden table

However, one of these trends, if you will, isn’t leaving anytime soon since being a part of a wave that hit Los Angeles.

Gluten-free isn’t some accessory you wear or a trend that you showcase on the streets as you strut to work. It’s a lifestyle change that has gone beyond those who deal with gluten intolerance and has turned into a new way of living. Made famous by supermodels and fitness influencers on social media, it can be seen as a healthier way to eat on an everyday basis.

If you are one of those folks who find yourself having a major stomach ache after having a pizza or pasta, we understand the struggle and recognize the need for more facts when it comes to being gluten-free.

The next time one of your chatty uncles attempts to shrug it off as just another trend from the magazines, counter back with one the below arguments.

Here are a few reasons why gluten-free isn’t just a fad:

Gluten actually shakes up your world.

If gluten-free isn’t merely a choice for you, you may understand the pain and suffering that comes with being highly sensitive to certain foods. It requires aggressively questioning the waiter for gluten-free options, invading the Whole Foods aisle for friendly foods, and coming up with your own alternative recipes for all of your favorite things. We get it.

You’re not alone and might be shook to know that:

1 in 133 people in the United States has been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

That’s okay because all of us in that category can support each other. This raises the point that there’s a greater need for gluten-free foods and education more than ever before!

Gluten can actually be a troublemaker, triggering your body to cause damage within your small intestine, making it all the more important to become educated in order to recognize early when something’s gone wrong.

The gluten-free diet isn’t for the weak-minded.

This isn’t some trend that you can decide to wear for a day and use as a conversation starter at your office party or during cocktail hour. There’s no simple switch to push in order to make the choice easier. You’ll realize that once you have to ban gluten from your diet, you’ll start noticing that gluten is in practically everything!

You may be surprised to know that going gluten-free may be setting yourself up for nutritional deficiencies. It will be crucial for you to start getting intentional with your diet and making sure you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need.

Before you start hopping on the train because all of your girlfriends are doing it, consult a professional first because, no, your paranoid and chatty best friend, Sally, is not a doctor even if she pretends to be like it.

Don’t go blabbering around the neighborhood about this.

As you talk to more and more people, you’ll start realizing how common decency isn’t so common and how many folks lack self-awareness, even if it seems like the most basic of social skills. You know when you’re having a rough week with your husband, and a girlfriend knows that but continues to rave on and on about how picture-perfect everything is in her marriage?

Try to exercise the self-restraint to not tell her off, first of all. Second, don’t be one of those obnoxious people!

The same goes for your new diet.

Before you start sharing the news on a billboard or mass text, consider keeping your dietary choice to yourself, for at least a little while.

Realize that many people have to go gluten-free, even if they don’t want to. It’s a diet that’s life-changing, creates new boundaries, and can be expensive monthly. There are more than 300,000 people in the United States who are gluten-free because they have to be, and the slightest bragging or raving about the wonders of gluten-free may be enough to set them off.

Are you one of the many people who follow a gluten-free meal plan because you have to? What would you tell someone who believes that it’s just a fad? Share below in the comments!


Ysabel Montemayor, RD
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