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JL goes vegan fresh n lean

Last fall two companies reached out to me to try their products. The timing was impeccable. It was within a month of our move to Colorado, our kitchen in New York was in shambles, and I really needed a little help. I was also invited to sample and review a vegan meal delivery service Fresh N’ Lean.

Meals for several days? I was in! I received this big food delivery one morning

and immediately had the oatmeal (I forgot to take a picture); it was great!

Over the next few days I enjoyed terrific meals

I absolutely enjoyed the ease of reheating (or, if raw, simply opening a package) fresh, plant-based foods.  I did at one point write my contact at Fresh N Lean to ask how they made their beans because, um, I found the bean dishes a little distressing on the tummy.  They were cooked, not canned, so I wonder if the issue had anything to do with how they cooked them?

Overall, I enjoyed the Fresh N’ Lean vegan meals and appreciated that they were lightly seasoned, leaving the salt and spice decisions to the consumer.

Thank you Fresh N’ Lean for providing me products to sample in return for my honest review.

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