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Healthy eating of a fresh diet is a cornerstone of any diabetes management plan. But it’s not just healthy meals and what you eat that affects your blood sugar level. How much you eat and when you eat matters too. Keep to a scheduled of a fresh diet and healthy meals. Your blood sugar level is highest an hour or two after you eat, and then begins to fall. But this predictable pattern can work to your advantage. You can help lessen the amount of change in your blood sugar levels if you eat a fresh diet and healthy meals at the same time every day, eat several small meals a day or eat healthy snacks at regular times between meals.

Make every meal well balanced. Try to plan for every meal to have the right mix of starches, fruits and vegetables. It’s especially important to eat about the same amount of carbohydrates at each meal and sack because they have a big effect on blood sugar levels. Talk to your doctor, nurse of dietitian about the best food choices and appropriate balance.Eat the right amount of foods. Learn what portion size is appreat more fruit - fresh n lean - image opriate for each type of food. Simplify your healthy meal planning by writing down portions for the foods you eat often. Use measuring cups or a scale to ensure proper portion size. Coordinate your meals and medication. Too little food in comparison to you diabetes medications – especially insulin may result in dangerously low blood sugar. Too much food may cause your blood sugar level to climb too high. Talk to your diabetes health care team about how to best coordinate meal and medication schedules.



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