Fresh Diet | Fruits That Can Change Your Life

Fresh Diet | Fruits That Can Change Your Life

People suffer due to lack of knowledge of what healthy foods can do to live a healthy life. A fresh diet of organic plant base vegan diet meals have the ability to heal, and prevent diseases. Working closely with physicians throughout my career I have witnessed many people suffer because of not knowing how to heal naturally without doctor prescribed drugs. I too was often ill, but it wasn't until I educated myself and transitioned to a vegan diet, I started to feel healthy.

I hope to pass on what I learned to the world. If only people knew how well their body could feel on a fresh diet, we would not be impaired, sick, toxic, and broken down. Your body would be healthy, balance, energized and operating at optimal health.

In my opinion there is a lack of accessible information laid out plain and simple, which is why I gathered a list of fruits that can change your life.

Sour sop – Natural Cancer KILLER 10,000 times stronger than Chemo

Soursop Fresh N Lean Image

Kiwi – Great source of potassium and fiber

Kiwi fresh n lean image

Mangosteen – Can cause cell death in leukemia cells

mangosteen fresh-n lean - image

Longan Berry – Been used as an antidote for snake bites for years

logan berry fresh n lean - image

Pomegranate – Loaded with antioxidants




Avocado – Promote heart health