Environmental Toxin Exposure

From the pesticides sprayed on lawns to chemicals in popular household products, it’s important to protect ourselves and our
families from environmental hazards that may negatively affect our health and exacerbate allergies. Experts report that some environmental toxins may lead to serious long-term health consequences if exposure is not reduced.

According to researchers at Columbia University School of Public Health, it is estimated that 95% of cancers are caused by diet and environmental toxicity. In addition, many Americans harbor toxins without realizing it. Babies are now born with unprecedented levels of environmental toxins in their blood, passed on from their mothers. When we grow to adulthood, it is estimated that most Americans have between 400-800 chemicals stored in their bodies. We store chemicals in fat cells, which means that overweight and obese individuals are at an even greater risk for environmental toxins.

Common environmental toxins to look out for:

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) – An industrial chemical banned in the United States yet still present in our environment. Brain damage and cancer can be symptoms of exposure. Farm-raised salmon are often sources of exposure to PCBs, since they are fed ground fish that may have absorbed environmental PCBs. Avoid this by avoiding fish and/or eating a plant-source only diet.

Heavy Metals: These are present  throughout our environment. Lead, mercury, aluminum, and other heavy metals can cause cancer, neurological problems, and many other bodily harm. Test your water, and avoid dental amalgams and other known heavy metal sources.

BPA: Bisphenol A has been outlawed in many countries, yet the United States still allows this endocrine disruptor chemical to be added to some hard plastics and containers. Avoid it by choosing BPA free materials.

Asbestos: Used as an insulating material that may be found in older homes and buildings, Asbestos insulation can release toxins into the air and contaminate the building occupants. It may cause cancer, lung tissue damage, and other issues. A great way to protect yourself is to check when your house was made, an to ensure that no Asbestos insulation was used.

Pesticides: The Environmental Working Group suggests that most herbicides, fungicides, insecticides (which all get grouped under the umbrella term “pesticides”) can cause harm to humans, even in small doses. They can cause cancer, Parkinson’s and other problems like malabsorption of nutrients in food. Avoid this by choosing organic food. Note: All Fresh N Lean meals are 100% pesticide-free and organic.

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