Eat a Vegan Diet To Escape Your Weight Fate

Eat a Vegan Diet To Escape Your Weight Fate

You’d love to inherit your mom’s smarts, smile and sense of style. Her broad hips, slow metabolism and tendency to crash diet? Pass. Your parents shape and eating habits can hugely impact your own, especially in women.

Researchers have ID’d 17 genes linked to where you store fat – and the effects of some of those genes are stronger in women than in men. Then there’s the so-called obesity gene, FTO. People who inherit two bum copies of the gene have higher levels of the “hunger hormone," ghrelin, tend to down more calories per-day. Some types of FTO may even influence cravings for high-cal foods.

Overcome your fate, on a vegan diet even if you inherit chubby FTO.  Epigenetics and nutrigenomics have a bigger impact on your weight than your genes do.  Research also shows that regular excise can cut the gene’s effects by nearly 30 percent.

Epigenetics and nutrigenomics work together to find smart foods that are healthier for your body, and which are not. It tries to understand how we can tailor our food intake to have positive effects on our genes. This would include a vegan diet (plant-base foods), vitamins, drugs, etc.

Smart foods are foods you select that work healthier with your individual genetic signature, genetic expression, and body type, which is the metabolic and molecular way your body is put together that you inherited. The science is in its infancy. Smart foods include most organic plant-based foods, which are a part of a vegan diet.

Plus, it’s possible to reprogram what your mothers eating habits inadvertently taught you, if you recognize the negative effects, and dislike how it’s effecting you. Simply brake the pattern! Even if you are not ready to transition to a vegan diet, you could make little changes every day until you find a healthy fresh diet fitted for your genes.