Dr. Marita Schauch: Empowering Wellness in a Changing World

Dr. Marita Schauch is a leading expert on women’s health and lifestyle. She provides valuable resources to her patients or anyone looking to feel their best while leading a joyous, healthy, and vibrant lifestyle.

Dr. Marita Schauch is a leading expert on women’s health and lifestyle where she provides valuable resources to her patients or anyone looking to feel their best while leading a joyous, healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Her areas of expertise include helping woman balance hormones, manage their stress, weight-management, pain management and more.

She is a Naturopathic Physician and author of 3 books, two of which are shown below.

You can find out more about Dr. Marita Schauch on her website here.

The Interview with Dr. Marita Schauch

What interests you most in women’s health and how did you get started in your career?

In high school, I was always interested in the sciences as well as loved working with people. I started off my schooling in conventional medicine but felt more drawn to the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine – First do no harm, Doctor as teacher, education, prevention, identifying the root cause of disease and so I switched to a career in Naturopathic Medicine during my pre-medical studies and have loved my job ever since. Since being in clinical practice I have always been fascinated with the complexity of women’s health and hormones. It keeps my days in practice exciting and challenging. I’m constantly learning every day!

What habits would you attribute your success to?

Keeping my own balance – even though life gets so busy I always manage to get outside and go for a run or a hike in our backyard (I live on the west coast of BC in Canada). It helps me stay focused, motivated and keeps my creative juices flowing 🙂

What’s your best advice when it comes to nutrition diet supplementation for women?  What are some things they can do to become more aware of their health and ignore the harmful things?

My two foundations for women’s health are adrenal health and liver health, hence why I co-authored “The Adrenal Stress Connection”, to create awareness around how important adrenal health is for overall health and hormone balance.

I am also very passionate about environmental medicine and how our environment impacts our health, especially for women. BPA (in plastics), GMOs, personal hygiene products. Reading labels and trying to be aware of what we are putting inside our bodies but also outside will impact our foundation for health. Starting with little steps to a healthier home and body is key.

What’s something you commonly see people struggle with when it comes to nutrition and perhaps what kind of solution might be there for them?

Breakfast! I find that a healthy breakfast or even having the time to eat breakfast can be challenging. I try to provide my patients but also my readers’ suggestions for healthy and easy breakfasts such as smoothies. I also love to cook but realize that TIME can be a big issue for the majority of people so I also try to provide healthy, easy and yummy recipe ideas on my blog as well as handouts for my patients.

Can you describe what kinds of changes women might experience in your practice?

When we have identified the underlying imbalances and corrected them, women will have more clarity, brain fog lifts, energy levels improve, sleep is restored, women feel more refreshed and body composition changes as well as they now have the energy to exercise and incorporate healthier lifestyle and diet changes.

What are some alarming trends you are seeing in women’s health today? What is there a reason you think they are arising, maybe GMOs or BPA?

I definitely think that our environment is playing a large role in many of the alarming trends in women’s health. Some women’s health trends that I am seeing in clinical practice as well as when I’m on the road lecturing are: infertility, chronic fatigue, insomnia, early menopause, extremely painful and flooding periods, and exacerbated menopausal symptoms.

There was a report done a few years ago talking about babies being born with toxins already in their bodies. Do you think this is a result of many years of ever-increasing chemicals and toxins put in our everyday foods?

Absolutely! That is why one of my missions is to spread the message about environmental toxins and hormone health. Little by little, we can make a difference by just creating more awareness.

What are 3 nutritional guidelines you live by?

Water, greens, and my fats (good ones of course!)

What is the next exciting step for you in your career?

I’m working on another book with one of my close friends and colleagues.  I have another exciting project that I am currently working on that will be revealed in the next couple of months…but for now it is a secret =)

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