Meal Prep Guide

How to Meal Prep: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Time and Eating Healthily

5 simple steps to meal prepping for beginners.

December 07
Flat Abs Bikini Model

The Real Secrets to a Flat Stomach

December 05
Top 100 Worst Foods Infographic

Top 100 Worst Foods in the U.S.

December 01
Oreo Cookies

Are Oreos Vegan?

December 01
jar of peanut butter

Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

November 26
flexitarian diet benefits

7 Benefits of a Flexitarian Diet

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Healthy Holiday Feasting: The Ultimate Detox Guide

9 tips for healthier holiday feasting plus a guide for post-holiday detox to help your body recover faster.

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Nutrient Dense Foods Used by Super Athletes

Staying fit and healthy means getting as many nutrients as you can while still restricting your calorie intake as much as you can. The foods you need to do this effectively are “nutrient dense.” Here are some of the best nutrient dense foods around.

Wine and Weight Loss

Can Wine Help You Lose Weight?

Can a glass of wine help you shed those last few pounds? Please let it be true.

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7 Cooking Chores Everyone Wants to Avoid – And How to Make Them Easier

Eating fresh, delicious food usually means spending a bit of time in the kitchen. While cooking can be really enjoyable, there are some tasks everybody would rather avoid. Here are seven of them, and how to make them easier so you can focus on crafting your dishes.

trail mix - a good snack for traveling

How to Pack Healthy Foods for Travel

Depending on where you’re traveling to, the availability of nutritious food may be limited, so packing your own might be the best decision.

wine for beginners

Wine For Beginners

Your crash course in the world of wine.

hangover; cures for hangover

The Healthy Hangover Cure

Kick your hangover to the curb with these healthy hangover cures.

ginger tea helps soothe menstrual cups

Can Ginger Help With Menstrual Cramps?

As a traditional home remedy, ginger has been used to lessen menstrual cramps. But is ginger an effective treatment?

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