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How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Diet

Color makes everything better. This idea is not only aesthetically pleasing for the ‘gram, but is sure to fulfill your cravings, too.
Add color to your diet


You can’t go wrong by adding more color to your diet. Turns out some of the most colorful foods are also the most nutritious.

The alarm has gone off, and it’s time for a reality check.

Ideally, you had an extra ten minutes for your meditation or yoga sequence, but in reality, you’ve waltzed down the hallway, robe half on, and are summoning for the kids to get up and dressed.

Between e-mails, appointments, and drop-off’s, eating healthy every day is a dream but can seem far-fetched. With a piling list of responsibilities, maintaining a nutrient-rich diet will only give you all the more energy to tackle that to-do list.

One way to go about having a more quality diet is adding a pop of color to your meals!

Today, we’re unlocking your creativity to have you believing that it’s a lot easier than you think.

Let’s dive in!

Not only for your outfit but daily juice, too

Color makes everything better. This idea is not only aesthetically-pleasing for the ‘gram, but is sure to fulfill your cravings, too. A green juice or fruit smoothie is an easy way to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet — all in one serving.

Toss in your choice of greens, whether it’s spinach, romaine, or kale, along with lemon juice and some apples or strawberries into your juice. The final result — a tasty treat to have you lasting through your next cycling sesh.

Next steps: Try mixing this combination for your next juice: kale, orange, lemon, and ginger juice.

Get crafty with your fruits

Not only good for your body, but for the soul. Mix all of your favorite fruits into a mason jar to take with you on-the-go or to work. If you’re in need a fun snack idea for the kids, use your standard cookie cutters to create cute cutouts of your fruits whether watermelon, carrots, cantaloupe, or pineapples. Toss them onto a decorative plate for tropical fun!

Next steps: Don’t forget to season your fruit bowl with lemon juice or mint for a refreshing taste.

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice

If you’re feeling spontaneous, swap the usual kale chips for some homemade fruit snacks! If extra sweet or tangy is your cup of tea, DIY fruit roll-ups or gummies are a healthier alternative to the store-bought packs. You’ll feel relieved knowing every ingredient while whipping up your next hit among the kids. This healthy gummy fruit snack recipe is delish!

Next steps: Make your own fruit puree from home with strawberries, blackberries, or cherries.

Here’s some flavor for your favorite flatbread

It’s time to shake up your girls’ night routine. Next time Housewives is having a marathon, instead of caramel popcorn or another glass of rosé, snack on a healthy vegan pizza instead.

Sprinkle sliced vegetables as toppings on your homemade pizza. Bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach — and if you’re feeling like it, pineapple, too! Is that even a debate?

Next steps: Experiment with healthier alternatives to white bread for your pizza such as flatbread or pita bread.

Quality, not quantity

The worst feelings to follow a meal are regret and heaviness at the end. What if we told you that you could have more nutrients in one sitting? Let’s make, “eat smarter, not harder,” a thing.

Transform your vegetables into a gourmet meal by dressing your bell peppers with healthy fillings! For example, fill your avocados (healthy fats) or bell peppers with quinoa or eggs. It’s a quick and easy snack that’ll have you feeling fulfilled in a good way.

Next steps: Try sprinkling homemade salsa, beans, and onions on top for a vegetarian-style Southwestern rendition.

Treat yourself to a dine-in night

If by the end of the day, your robe and slippers are feeling too comfy, save a trip to the grocery store. Have everything delivered to your doorstep, instead. With Fresh N Lean’s organic and home-delivered meals, you’ll feel supercharged after experiencing the life-changing benefits of premium and gluten-free ingredients.

Check out our menu that’s updated every Monday. With a plant-based philosophy, you can count on getting a colorful and nutrient-rich diet with every bite!

Next steps: Try our standard plant-based meal plan that has no animal products — enriched with nutrients, low fats, and always dairy-free. All natural guaranteed!

Eating a diverse range of colors will not only enhance your daily life overall but will also set you up for success. Sometimes, all it takes are a few tweaks.

How do you incorporate the colors of the rainbow into your diet? Share your tips + tricks below in the comments!

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