Top 10 Most Organic-Eating Cities

The Campbell Soup Company along with Sperling’s Best Places commissioned a new study that analyzed the top cities in America with the largest amount of organic-eating citizens.
Seattle farmers market; organic food

You may find yourself asking about, or better yet, aggressively berating your best friends on their food choices. You call yourself a pro when it comes to all of the latest and greatest in nutritional facts and health news. We totally get it.

Organic may be second-nature to you. Not only is it a lifestyle choice, but a borderline obsession. You’ve got your whole family on board. Whole Foods has become your second home. You believe that foods should come with labels. Au Naturale is your middle name.

As it turns out, 1/5th of America is on the same train.

In 2015, Campbell Soup Company and Sperling’s Best Places released a study noting the top 10 most organic-eating cities in the United States. Yes, eating organic is no longer labeled as just the ultimate ‘California gal’ thing. In fact, some of these may surprise you!

Here are the top ten cities that they came up with. Add these to your bucket list!

Portland, Oregon

If you’ve gone on Instagram at all, you’ll see that Portland is the new chart-topping travel destination for hipsters, yuppies, vegans, and the like. There’s not only an influx in tourists but health-conscious eaters. You can walk into any farmer’s market, and the answer is as clear as day. Try the Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University for organic produce to bring back to your Airbnb.

San Francisco, California

As everyone in the City is blaming techies for contributing to the gentrification issue that’s taking place, we’ll leave this one up to your own discretion whether or not there’s a correlation with their organic-eating, too. It may have to do with being spoiled with three Michelin-starred meals a day while working at a tech giant or having a Safeway at every block that makes healthy eating easier for folks. No doubt, there’s no shortage of organic foods to choose from in the Bay. Next time you’re in town, the ambiance at Gracias Madre is a dream!

Providence, Rhode Island

College may have been more than a few years ago for you, but Providence is more than just a college town. You won’t have to worry about running into your old ex here because you’ll be distracted by the culinary scene, specifically for organic eats! Try The Grange, where they have a vegan bakery and cocktail bar!

Sacramento, California

Hold up. Before you write Sacramento off of your destinations list, California’s capital city consists of many sights to see and restaurants to try! Perfect for your next family trip, pack up the kids for a drive up North for a weekend away from the city noise. While you’re at it, visit the Midtown Farmers Market for organic fruits and veggies to snack on your road trip!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you haven’t paid a visit to the Twin Cities, it’s a must-see. Besides being known as Prince’s hometown, they’re also making ranks for being one of the most organic-crazed cities. Count on Common Roots Cafe for everything organic, local, grass-fed, and free range.

Boston, Massachusetts

Here’s your chance to revive your old dream of going to Harvard. You were never a straight-A student because your sorority took precedence, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t vicariously live through your kids while you’re here! While nudging them to go on a college tour, you can try bribing them with leafy greens and a colorful juice from Pressed…although, let’s be real — all of this is more about fulfilling your idea of the perfect weekend. What moms say, goes.

Seattle, Washington

They may not have the California sunshine, but their impressive eating habits make up for it. You may not be able to enjoy sunbathing or beach days here, but trust, you’ll have a wide range of options for clean eating. Pay a visit to Central Co-Op for a delicious bite to counter the overcast blues!

Austin, Texas

ATX just seems to be on the up and up. Maybe you’ve gone here for weekend getaways or your best friend’s bachelorette party for a weekend raging, but have you checked out their restaurant scene? Next time you’re in town, True Food Kitchen is a winner!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love just radiates organic love. It’s okay to unleash your inner health freak while everyone else is reaching for a Philly cheesesteak. FARMiCiA Restaurant is your go-to organic restaurant to help you to keep your cool.

Washington, D.C.

Maybe it’s the politicians’ diet? After all, it takes a lot to run a country. You can’t miss out on a visit to the United States Capitol, where you can see the White House, experience a taste of American history, and while you’re at it, indulge in some organic eats, too. In between tours, (maybe) day drinking, and photo ops, be sure to grab a healthy organic lunch at Sweetgreen.

Did your city make this list? Share your favorite local organic-friendly restaurants below in the comments!

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