Beyond Meat Unleashes New ‘Beast’ Vegan Burger

BeyondMeatNYMets-592x399Beyond Meat are soon rolling out The Beast, their new protein-packed vegan burger. To taste-test the meatless patty, Beyond Meat’s chief executive, Ethan Brown, paid a visit to the New York Mets and handed out samples. Were they a home run?

“So this has zero beef?” asked starting pitcher, John Niese, perhaps feeling a touch of disbelief as he chewed the vegan burger. Anthony Recker, catcher, says he rarely eats red meat and avoids preservatives. Team captain and third baseman, David Wright, told Brown, “Six years ago I cut out red meat. It made me lethargic.” Wright also mentioned that he’s always on the lookout for high-protein, quick-to-prepare meals that he can eat on the go. The Beast Burger has as much protein as beef, more omega-3s than salmon, and more antioxidants than blueberries. Perfect fit?

“I’ve tried make-believe meat before and didn’t like it,” said Michael Angelo Aviles, a 50-year-old from Ridgewood, NY, as he arrived to watch the game. “But I like this.”

Brown approached the Mets for feedback on the new burger in the hopes that their endorsement will make the product more appealing to young consumers. Brown says that the company has approached the Golden State Warriors, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Giants, New York Yankees, and New England Patriots, hoping to arrange taste tests similar to the Mets event or get players to try samples. If feedback is positive, this seems like a surefire way to get more vegan options into baseball stadiums!



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