Best Foods For Transitioning to a Healthy Diet

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It can be a challenge knowing where to start when you first adopt a healthy diet. Many health gurus advocate for foods that involve lots of processed fake meats, cheeses, and other items to help “make the transition” to a nutrition-dense lifestyle. While it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world to indulge in these products upon beginning a healthy diet regimen (or even to have them now and then), the truth is that most of us don’t need to eat processed soy or other imitation products to satisfy our cravings.


Believe it or not, our tempah is actually one of the healthiest, and most satisfying protein sources around! It’s savory and rich in “umami” (which is definitely a flavor many of us crave!) and yet still light and very easy to digest. One of the best motivators to stay on a healthy diet is how you feel and how you look when you eat these foods!

The truth is, while some fake meats and cheeses and processed soy products aren’t the worst thing in the world, they are far from healthy. A long-term healthy lifestyle includes a diversity of fresh, nutritious, organic ingredients, and in the case of Fresh ‘N Lean, you’ll always be getting the absolute highest-quality tastes in your meals. To learn more about ordering Fresh ‘N Lean, or to find out why our fresh diet meals are the healthiest thing for your body, please contact us!


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