With the widespread concern over the increase in health conditions like diabetes, obesity, celiac disease, and high blood pressure, many people are giving serious thought to the idea of adopting and discovering the benefits of going vegan. But even if you’re one of those who have already considered the health benefits of going vegan, you might not have realized the full extent of the advantages offered by a vegan lifestyle. A full 2.5% of Americans have realized it though, and enjoy and appreciate the benefits of going vegan every day. With all it has to offer, many believe the vegan outlook is set to spread far and wide before long.

Go Healthy, Go Vegan

Most of us recognize the health advantages and benefits of going vegan. By switching your daily diet to one that’s rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes and soy products, you’re much more likely to give your body the ammunition it needs to fight off disease, and keep you fit and healthy. The phytochemicals and antioxidants found in many plant-based foods help protect you from cell damage and various forms of cancer. And when you swap processed foods for natural ones, you’ll automatically be consuming more of the vitamins, minerals and fiber your immune system craves. Even though it can be challenging to stay on top of a nutritious dietary plan every day, vegan meal delivery companies like Fresh n’ Lean are helping to make it easy. Companies like this are well-versed in the benefits of going vegan, and offer the convenient home delivery of chef-prepared, nutrient-dense meals made with fresh and organic ingredients.

The Shared Benefits of Going Vegan

But the benefits of going vegan extend well beyond your personal health. They actually include the health of the entire planet. The vegan lifestyle means staying away from all products that are sourced from animals, whether directly or indirectly. Just like vegetarians, vegans avoid eating meat, but many people are surprised to learn that they also avoid products like honey, milk, eggs, wool, and silk. The resources needed to produce the meat and other animal products we crave are massive, and by simply embracing a plant-based diet, we could watch those same resources produce infinitely more in terms of food. Not to mention the reduction in groundwater pollution, topsoil erosion, and the clearance of wildlife habit that could be a benefit to us all. Fewer land and water resources producing more food for more people, all adds up to a pretty powerful argument for the benefits of going vegan.

Vegan for Life

To fully enjoy the health benefits of going vegan, your meal choices should ideally veer away from things like cholesterol and saturated fats. Cutting out the animal products that contain these ingredients will also help you avoid the potential health risks associated with mercury in your fish, and hormones and antibiotics in your milk and meat. But perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of going vegan is that studies indicate you’ll enjoy higher levels of energy, a lower body mass index, healthier hair and skin and, on average, about an extra three to six years of life!