Bad Hospital Food Is Not Good Medicine

Food in hospitals that are served to children are not a part of a healthy diet  and could be considered to be just as unhealthy as the meals being served to our children in their schools. A healthy diet by standards would contain less sodium, saturated fat and sugar. Many meals served to children in hospitals are so unhealthful that physicians are lobbying to get minimum school meal standards applied Hospitals are meant to serve as healing centers where the sick can get well, however new studies show that the food many hospitals serve ranks low on nutrition, and may even prove dangerous to patients and healthcare workers who consume it. Most hospitals are under monopolies of large conglomerates which also serve prisons and schools. Many of these large companies serve worse to hospital food. “With everything we know about the risk of children developing high blood pressure and diet-related diseases such as obesity, it is vital to keep their consumption of salt and saturated fat as low as possible while still keeping dishes appetizing,” said professor of cardiovascular medicine Graham MacGregor. To make matters worse, some hospitals even have fast food in their buildings. McDonalds serves in many hospitals across the United States. These foods contain harmful chemicals, GMO foods and other toxic ingredients that are can cause serious health damage. It is time for hospitals to address the extreme urgency for better, fresh plant-sourced food options. Hospitals that provide healthful, nutritious, plant-strong foods will better serve their patients, staff, and families.


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