Vegan Food Is The Healthy Alternative That Keeps Disease In Check

Vegan Food Is The Healthy Alternative That Keeps Disease In Check

The vegan diet is undeniably a healthy one – and the proof of that just keeps pouring in. From lowering your risk of heart disease to cancer fighting to daily benefits like increased energy and a stronger and more resilient digestive system – the “pros” column is a lengthy one.

It’s no surprise that when you take all-natural ingredients, cut out the preservatives and artificial extras, and combine them in a balanced way, you end up with a healthy meal. Not rocket science, but for a country battling obesity and diet-caused illness, it’s perhaps just as important.

So if you’re wondering to yourself “is vegan food healthy?”, you’re bound to find evidence galore that will all declare in unison – absolutely.

Assuming you’re approaching veganism in a responsible way – eating a suitable amount of calories, and adding in regular exercise – it’s a formula for healthy living. It’s worth exploring exactly why. Let’s tackle a few of the justifications why we can confidently say a vegan diet is a healthy one.

Steering Clear of Cancer

Our aging population is entering dangerous territory – increased likelihood of cancer. That likelihood can be managed, though, by a vegan diet. That’s the finding of the American Institute for Cancer Research, whose 2011 report noted that plant-based foods control the growth of blood vessels that feed cancerous tumors.

The power to keep cancer in check – in cooperation with physical activity and weight management – is vital across all ages, but even more so for those above age 50. But recent research has shown that components in green tea, broccoli and other plants have the ability to control which genes are turn “on” or “off” – meaning the aging process and the development of cancers may be within our control.

Battling Heart Disease

The wide variety of illnesses that plague the heart were once assumed to be a part of the aging process that couldn’t be avoided. But these degenerative diseases are usually the result of a genetic “trigger”, which is often our diet.

Limiting the intake of oils and sugars is a good start, but vegan foods have even more heart-healthy qualities. A reduction of cholesterol – typically associated with animal fats – means arteries that had been filling with plaques will get a little room to breathe. Study after study is showing that vegetarian and vegan diets contribute to lower blood pressure, and lower risks of heart attack and heart disease.

Digestive Wellness

The fruits and vegetables that comprise a vegetarian diet are high in fiber – this will have you feeling full and staving off cravings. Curbing acid reflux is yet another perk. And with that fiber comes regularity – the food and waste in your system is flushed out in a systematic way – avoiding the constipation and diarrhea that plagues so many Americans and has them seeking expensive pharmacological solutions that address symptoms, not the cause.

The physical benefits of a vegan diet go on and on, because our bodies and their internal systems are finely interconnected. The added weight that puts pressure on your spine is the same weight that creates bottlenecks in your arteries and wreaks havoc on your digestive tract. When we start to view our bodies in a holistic sense, we can trace so many of our debilities back to a single root cause – our diet.

We are what we put into our body – a vegan diet puts health in, so you can rest assured you’ll get health out!


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