Losing Weight With A Vegan Diet

Losing Weight With A Vegan Diet

What are some ways of losing weight with a vegan diet? Excess weight comes with a whole host of health problems. A calorie-heavy diet high on filler and low on nutrition will lead to some extra padding. A vegan diet–especially one where the calorie intake is tracked and limited–can lead not only to weight loss, but enables an overall healthy relationship with food.

Everyone knows that you lose weight when you expend more calories than you consume. But we also like to ignore that. Though a vegan diet is not a silver bullet, it can do a whole lot of good. Especially when it’s combined with an active lifestyle and an eye on calorie intake.

Some are skeptics but meta studies (that combine and evaluate the findings of many other studies) show that vegans and vegetarians will lose more weight than non-vegetarians. So here are some ways of losing weight with a vegan diet.

Going vegan is easier than you think.

Dieters will try anything. So many fad diets promise to shed pounds while boosting energy, strong bones and organs, and health. These craze diets storm the media with bold promises, big-name endorsements, and amazing success stories. “This one works!” they promise.

When the results don’t come in the form of a quick fix, it’s easy to get disappointed. Even if we do shed pounds quickly, it’s hard to maintain the weigh loss. That’s why you should approach any diet with a larger worldview, whether it’s 100% plant-based or not.

Veganism gets a head start because it skips out on artificial preservatives and bad fillers. Since it uses only natural ingredients, it’s energy-dense and delivers healthy vitamins and minerals. This means your nutrient requirements are met with fewer calories. And with nuts, beans, or soy for protein, going vegan adds up to a holistic diet than cat be sustained long-term.

Mix it with exercise!

For lots of us, managing calories is a deal-breaker. Even if you’re committed to eating natural foods, you could stagnate or even gain weight! Because when you eat 2500 calories of the healthiest food possible, burning 2000 calories a day won’t allow you lose weight.

Make a plan

Measure those calories you consume so that you can control your weight. Fresh n’ Lean has a vegan meal delivery service to handle that for you. You can customize, too. Have a single entrée, a lunch, three meals a day—the choice is yours. Stay informed with how many calories you get.

Rest easy, calories aren’t empty

Weight loss is attainable. Unfortunately, sometimes people reach for it through fad diets that simply aren’t sustainable. Sometimes the body rejects the lack of balance and moderation.

But with careful attention to your calories, a vegan diet can be your secret weapon. Since we’ve looked at ways of losing weight with a vegan diet, we can see it’s wholesome and sustainable and can be your first step toward a slimmer, healthier self.


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